NATSIHEC is an Indigenous Corporation registered under the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC).

The membership elects Directors of the Corporation who form its Executive and in turn elect office bearers of Chair, Deputy Chair and Treasurer.  The Executive Committee has appointed a National Secretary.

The Executive Committee currently has ten Directors and a National Secretary.

Decision making may be undertaken at two levels through majority agreement by the Executive Committee and majority agreement by a meeting of the full national caucus of members.

NATSIHEC Executive Committee members

Executive Role
Professor Peter Buckskin Chair University of South Australia
Dr Leanne Holt Deputy Chair Macquarie University
Associate Professor Clair Anderson Treasurer University of  Tasmania
Distinguished Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson Director Queensland University of Technology
Professor Boni Robertson Director Griffith University
Professor Susan Page Director University of Technology Sydney
Professor Steve Larkin Director University of Newcastle
Professor Darlene Oxenham Director University of Western Australia
Dr Peter Andersen Director Monash University
Ms Alison Craigie-Parsons Director Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Associate Professor Gary Thomas Secretary Queensland University of Technology


As at November 2016