National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Consortium

Why have a mentor?

Navigating the higher education system can at times feel like a sole journey, but it does not need to be! A NATSIHEC mentor can help you navigate this space in a culturally safe space, that always you to speak your truth and find the right path on that fits you.

Mentors can:

  • Provide cultural support and understanding
  • Be an impartial observer and sounding board
  • Contribute viewpoints, advice, and information from their own knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Support you to achieve your goals
  • Assist you to refine your ideas and put them into practice
  • Have contacts that will increase your personal and professional networks
  • Provide accountability
  • Ask you questions that you may never ask yourself
  • See strengths and qualities in you that you haven’t noticed
  • Work with you to generate workable solutions in a mutually respectful

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