National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Consortium

Why become a mentor?

People often say that they become mentors to give something back or make a contribution. We all have our own reason for wanting to become a mentor. But one of the main reasons to be a NATSIHEC mentor is to work with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in the academy.

A mentoring relationship enables you to:

  • Strengthen the lessons you’ve already learned
  • Develop new strengths
  • Build a stronger Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cohort
  • See future leaders on their journey
  • Empower someone else to see their own strengths
  • Practise offering positive and constructive feedback
  • Increase your personal and professional networks
  • Generate workable solutions together in a mutually respectful way
  • Motivate, advise and support whilst empowering someone to make their own decisions

Sign Up to Become a Mentor!

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  • (Please provide a brief paragraph that outlines cultural, professional and personal qualities that you would bring to a mentoring partnership and allow us to match you with a mentee)
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